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Hunting in the Beaufort Area

The Beaufort area has many opportunities for the hunter. The Low Country with it's abundant wildlife population, attracts hunters from all regions of America. Beaufort has quite a reputation for deer hunting, and South Carolina has the longest deer season in the country.
Deer in the LowCountry are small as compared to those found in colder Northern climates, but they do taste as good. The secret in hunting the Beaufort area is networking. Get to know the area hunters.

Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is the most popular form of hunting. The most common weapon is the shotgun with either buckshot or rifled slug, although many use modern rifles, muzzle loaders or archery. The Beaufort area has several private hunting preserves, where members or clients hunt. The most popular ways of hunting deer in Beaufort are either tree stands, hunting with dogs, or just walking it. The under growth is fairly thick, so you need to be in pretty good shape if walking it.

Deer Hunting Methods

Hunting using a tree stand is very popular and effective in the Beaufort area. A small "seat" or standing platform is secured to a tree, and the hunter stands or sits in the tree until their trophy comes along. It's most effective in early morning or late evening, when the deer are moving. Another popular method is using dogs, which is a traditional sport in the Beaufort area. The dogs have been trained specifically to hunt deer. Their owners have a great deal of pride in their dogs, and these dogs live for hunting. The dogs seek out a deer and run it in back to the hunter. It's a very effective way of hunting deer, again because of the thick under growth.

Other Game in the Beaufort Area

Other sought after game hunted in the Beaufort area is wild turkey, duck, wild boar, marsh hens, dove, quail, and squirrel.