RJ's Deep Fried Shrimp - Light Crunch for Serious Shrimp Lovers
Shrimp ½ - 1½ lbs per adult (more if really hungry)
Flour 4 cups. (regular) (fixes about 4 - 5 lbs of shrimp)
Lemon Pepper 2-4 tbs.
Garlic Salt or powder 2-3 tbs.
Salt 2 tsp. (if using garlic powder)
Cooking Oil 1 gallon - Crisco Canola is recommended (it is very light)

Shell and rinse fresh shrimp in cold water. Leave tails or remove, your choice.
Heat cooking oil to 370-380 degrees.

Mix flour, lemon pepper, garlic salt and salt using a fork into a large bowl.

Wet shrimp with cold water and lightly dust shrimp in flour mix, should look like white dust.

Lay shrimp into frying basket. Lay one layer of shrimp into basket, do not stack them.

Cook shrimp for 2 - 3 minutes. NO MORE than 3 minutes or they will overcook!
Shrimp will appear to have lost all the flour coating - but will have a light cruch when eating.

Best served with Cocktail sauce, ketchup or plain.

Most popular size for fried shrimp is 20-36 count range. (20 - 36 per pound)

Best to use Canola oil so it does not mask the taste of the shrimp.

This is shrimp eating for serious shrimpaholics!

From: RJ Sorensen