Frogmore Stew - Lowcountry Boil - Traditional & With Potatoes
Shrimp 1-2 lbs. per person  (de-headed, leave the shell on) 
Corn on the cob about 2 or 3 small ears per person (cobbies work great)
Smoked Sausage slice about 2-3 pieces, 1-3 inches long, per person
Seasoning Lemon Pepper or Old Bay Seasoning or salt & pepper

Boil water in a large oversized pot, season if desired with salt & lemon pepper or crab season or Old Bay Seasoning. Many people prefer no spices or seasoning at all. Your choice.

Cut sausage into 1-3 inch lengths. If using regular corn ears, cut in half.

Add corn cobs and sausage links. Cook until done (about 10-20 minutes).

Then add the shrimp and cook until they turn pink and begins to float. Do not overcook shrimp!
This usually takes less than 40-60 seconds. Remove pot from the heat.
** A fool proof method is to turn off the heat, then add the shrimp.

Drain all water and you've got the best tasting Frogmore Stew (low country boil) around.

Add some cocktail sauce to the plates for dip, an extra bowl for the shrimp shells, lots of paper towels and everyone can shell their shrimp as they eat. Great for parties.

Best served with Cocktail sauce or just plain.


Some folks add potatoes and/or crab meat and it can add a unique flavor, although it is fantastic as above and a lot less work. You can modify the amounts however you wish.

If adding potatoes, many prefer to cook them separately, as the starch can make shrimp slippery and some feel potatoes can overpower the shrimp and sausage flavors. If in doubt, cook separately until you have tried it both ways. Some restaurants simply use potatoes as a filler, it's cheaper than shrimp. Others really prefer the taste or want a more complete meal.

From: RJ Sorensen